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La empresa de transporte no realizó la entrega, tampoco se ha recibido el abono de la devolución.
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Don’t arrive the item

I pay for this item and never receive it, what did you want me to said? If I don’t get it

Not arrive yet

The product has a week stop in Germany, Is incredible the slow process of DHL

wavelength of the device

in the data the company specify wavelebgth of 257 nm
when we measure with uv spectrometer the wavelength is around 400 nm

need explanation

Portable UVC LED Sterilizer 1.0 Pro
Jose luis Martinez galvan
aun no me llega el producto

el tiempo de envío y de entrega es muy largo

Have not received the item

My rating is bad as I have not received the item yet, and it shipped 2 weeks ago. Please kindly advise. Thank you.

Looking forward to receiving this.

Uvc led

Product arrived, but adapter did not fit any android product that I own, have sent e mail but no response, be careful!!

Fast delivery

It is very convenient for disinfecting some personal items, but it cannot be used for disinfecting hands.

i Iike it

Can be used with power bank

portable design is good

The biggest feature of the portable design, no need to charge, no need to bring batteries, can be used at any time in the pocket of clothes.

just good

The quality looks good, but the power is better.

Good design

Good design, you can disinfect the trolley when you go to the supermarket.

This product is indeed useful

This product is indeed useful but the power is a bit small.

Is very nice

It can be conveniently used to disinfect mobile phones and computer keyboards.

Technological and amazing as always Stu!

It can be carried anywhere and used anytime, anywhere.



Works as expected

the UVC lamp arrived fast. Works as expected.

Worth the buy

Good UV Disinfection Lamp

UVC light is good

Deep ultraviolet light is indeed a more efficient and convenient way of sterilization, but only that it cannot sterilize the human body and skin.

Eyesight warning

The safety notice is not direct enough, it says "This Ultraviolet radiation can cause skin and eye burns. Avoid long term direct exposure." and "While in use, you should not be present." It should be much more direct to say: "You must not look directly at UVC light. Even short term exposure can be dangerous. Please be VERY CAREFUL."

the UV lamp is good

I bought a few of these with cautious optimism due to all this covid mess. My gf works in THE ER as a nurse and to date, it's kept my house safe and sterile. I'd definitely recommend getting a few for a safe environment at home.

works well as expected

It came quickly, packed securely, works well as expected.

very fast delivery

This is my second order from this shop, the lamp works great- my family uses it regularly. Love this shop -great customer service, very fast delivery- received the package in 10 days. Thank you very much!

Very suitable for use when going out

Very suitable for use when going out, do not worry about the need to recharge, because everyone has a mobile phone. Haha

The power is too small

It is a good design and very portable, but the power is relatively small and it takes a long time to ensure the sterilization effect.