GreenSun LED Lighting

Portable UVC LED Sterilizer 1.0 Pro

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  • GreenSun use medical-grade Deep UVC lights chips can eliminate bacteria, viruses and germs that live on your phone, tableware, toothbrushes, banknotes, masks and many public facilities etc in 30s.
  • Mini Killer adopts the design of mobile phone power supply, without the trouble of battery and charging. Just pick up the mobile phone and plug it in for easy use. 
  • The Mini Killer is designed to be only the size of a thumb and weighs 15 grams, making it very convenient to carry.
  • WARNING: Looking directly at UVC light and prolonged skin exposure can cause eye and skin damage.



  • wavelength:257nm
  • Input:3.3V-5V
  • Output:9.6V 
  • Power:1-2W

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Fernando Alvarez
No recibido

¡Buenos Días!
La empresa de transporte no realizó la entrega, tampoco se ha recibido el abono de la devolución.
Seguimos interesados en su producto.
Por favor vuelvan a enviar este árticulo.

Joselito Tirado
Don’t arrive the item

I pay for this item and never receive it, what did you want me to said? If I don’t get it

Jose Galaviz
Not arrive yet

The product has a week stop in Germany, Is incredible the slow process of DHL

wavelength of the device

in the data the company specify wavelebgth of 257 nm
when we measure with uv spectrometer the wavelength is around 400 nm

need explanation

Jose luis Martinez galvan
aun no me llega el producto

el tiempo de envío y de entrega es muy largo